An aerial view of the Zapopan Center Basilica in Jalisco Mexico

The committee’s mission is to develop relationships with representatives of the Zapopan business community to foster trade, commerce and business opportunities for both communities. Focusing on areas in which we may develop projects that are mutually beneficial, as well as sharing our expertise.

We coordinate exchanges, and provide a vehicle for cultural, educational, health, governmental, and economic and commercial exchanges. In addition, there are opportunities to learn from each other in the areas of public services, social programs, infrastructure and economic development.


  1. Explore and identify funding for sustainable manufacturing best practices initiatives in each community.
  2. Publicize the Sister City agreement to manufacturers and companies within our respective regions expressing the desire to build business to business mutually beneficial and profitable ventures.
  3. Publicize and encourage company participation in 2009 West Michigan and Zapopan region furniture expositions.
  4. Organize Grand Rapids – Zapopan delegate exchanges focused on the challenges and advantages of successful private-public best case examples for community projects and infrastructure especially financing mechanisms, processes and legal structures.

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